We all know that fashions come and go, but there are certain cuts that never fade away.

Often, they are cuts with a very complex structure, but a simple and elegant final effect.

To best preserve this effect, Bullfrog has introduced the new SUPER HOLD FIXING SPRAY.

This is a hair spray with a lightweight and evanescent texture that is extremely easy to use. With a single step it offers order and definition to even the hardest to tame hair. Thanks to its formula with extract of bamboo and extract of myrrh, which sticks to the hair fibres, defining without heaviness, it guarantees strong hold as well as a natural but bright residue-free finish. Just spray onto dry or damp hair and enjoy the sensation of the classic barber’s product evoked by its aromatic notes.

A perfect spray for the timeless looks that we will talk about today.


A great classic, the Italian cut is one of the emblems of the rebirth of style in Italy after the end of the Second World War, when the country became a symbol of elegance throughout the world not only for fashion, but also for the skill of its barbers, who with their skilful use of scissors are able to exalt the natural beauty of Mediterranean hair.

It is a cut which requires fairly long hair both on top and at the sides.

The barber shapes the hair with just scissors and a comb, highlighting and playing with the natural length.

Once it is finished, the Super hold fixing spray is perfect to preserve the order and precision of this cut, lending the hair high definition.


Another timeless cut, second in terms of origin only to the Caesar Cut, is the Pompadour, fashionable since the 18th century. Naturally, it has undergone many changes over the centuries, becoming extremely popular in the ‘50s thanks to stars from the world of music such as Elvis.

Recently the trend has been to wear it a little longer than its more classic version, defining it at the base with very low, almost invisible tapers.

It is a cut that once again is structured entirely with scissors and in order to style the upper part and bring the hair back just as it should be, the Super Hold Fixing Spray is perfect.

Those with the right amount of character to carry off this cut won’t be able to do without the new Bullfrog spray.


Last but not least is the Executive Contour, one of the most called-for cuts by numerous generations of men. Despite the fact that this is also a cult style from the ‘50s, it remains popular today, immune to the passing of the years.

It is a cut characterised by a linear and soft taper, with a very defined sideline. The upper part of the hair is left long and brushed to one side. At this point, the Super-Fixing Pomade is perfect for lending a solid structure to the style, defining the hair with precision.

Lastly, the Super Hold Fixing Spray is also perfect in combination with another styling product, giving definitive hold to the classicality and detail of this look.

Try the Bullfrog effect