If last week Valentine's Day seemed to be upon us, today it is definitely around the corner. And there is nothing worse than being caught unprepared, without the perfect gift for him. We know it, commitments are countless and time is limited. But don't worry, because once again Bullfrog comes to your rescue with five proposals which you can give to your beloved.

100 reasons to give it to him.
If you want to amaze him with a unique product, Oliocento is just what you need. It is the first Bullfrog product to be 100% natural. With its dry texture and its hemp-based formula, it is able, among its many functions, to give brightness to the hair, making it easier to comb, without greasing.

Sweet shampoo for Valentine's Day.
Sweetness is the key word for the day of lovers: this is why Bullfrog's Nourishing Restorative Shampoo cannot be missing. Once again, a product with a very high concentration of naturally derived ingredients, including pistachio and almond, which not only sweeten the hair with their gourmand scent, but also nourish and strengthen it from the root. And let's not forget its multi-use action, which makes it suitable for beards too!

Curly love.
Choosing the right gift for your curly man has never been so easy. The Nourishing Grooming Cream is ideal for taming the thickest and wildest hair. With its anti-frizz action, it emphasizes the curly shapes, nourishing and hydrating the hair, for a soft and natural final styling.

In love with his hair.
If the gift you are looking for is for a man in love with his long and wild hair, our advice can only be the Bullfrog Texturizing Salt Spray. It is an innovative two-phase formula that nourishes and protects the hair on one hand and molds it on the other, giving an irresistible beach effect, for a final effect that is moved but very natural.

A cuddle for himself.
A haircut is the ideal gift for this Valentine's day: an authentic moment of rest to dedicate only to oneself. How to give it? Very simple: with the Bullfrog Gift Card which can be purchased in all our barbershop!