The first female artist to conquer the world of barber.

Talent and dedication, like any form of art, even the barber requires a mix of creativity and professionalism: an eye to perfect grooming, an eye to everything that can be an inspiration to make Bullfrog not just a barbershop, but a world.
Thus contacts with artists who share the same spirit and aesthetics become natural, thus collaborations are born that enrich Bullfrog image and imaginary.

After Raimon Maiden and Gep Caserta, today Bullfrog meets Stefania Pallestrini, an artist, a worthy representative of Traditional tattoo, the protagonist of videoclips and fashion shows, a girl with a strong personality and a determined hand that, like Bullfrog, is passionately dedicated to an idea of ​​unconventional beauty.
Many similarities unite the craft of the tattoo artist to that of the barber: the practice of art and technique at the service of the body, working with hands and patiently crafted to create looks that give uniqueness to the appearance and security to the personality.

Stefania Pallestrini shares with Bullfrog the taste for all that is unconventional and it's thanks to this attitude that today is the first girl to conquer with her works the world of barber, an environment from which traditionally women are excluded.
Stefania has created for Bullfrog a series of works that make the Bullfrog packaging even more distinctive and iconic:

"Il Chiodo Fisso" for Agnostico Limited Edition: a symbol of firmness and protection, a good luck but also a fixed idea that is well suited to Agnostico, the legendary All-in-One Balm, ideal for softening the beard, moisturizing the skin or calming it afterwards shaving.

"The Bullfrog" for the Gift Box: a pierced heart, emblem of love and of the pulsating life that is found in the iconography of many South Italian barber shops married to the frog, the Bullfrog logo, the Bullfrog story, the element from which all began, a symbol of transformation and widening of horizons.

"BarberLife" to decorate the bakelite top of the grooming products in pots: a work that combines the symbolism of the snake - an animal object of worship in the history of civilization, fascinating and mysterious and very dear to Stefania - with the tools of the trade, razor and scissors representing the world of barber in the Italian tradition.

Three works that like a tattoo to perfection, dress again a selection of products Bullfrog, for a grooming that is always more beautiful to wear and more surprising to see.


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