Summer is here, the season of freedom that we all associate with the most beautiful beaches and pools in the world, being finally free to forget all our worries. But we never get a holiday from taking care of ourselves!

We mustn’t overlook the little tricks for our wellbeing, which are essential especially during this season: although we are relaxing, our body is constantly a target for stress.

Our skin, beard and hair particularly suffer from wear during the summer and, in today's article, we will share with you some advice on how to best take care of your locks.

1. A shield against the sun

Spending entire days in the sun can be pleasant, but your hair won't enjoy it so much. As well as being harmful to the skin, excessive exposure to solar radiation also damages the hair, which tends to get worn out and lose its natural brightness.

Protecting it therefore becomes essential. Don't worry, we’re not advising you to avoid the beach. Wearing a hat will be more than enough.

2. Be gentle

The seawater in your hair gives it that typical beach effect, a classic emblem of summer. An excessive amount of salt, however, tends to dry out your hair over time, giving it more of a frizzy effect than a “surfer” look. Needless to mention the chlorine, which is a bitter rival for your hair.

After a dip and a few lengths, remember to rinse your hair with fresh water and a very light shampoo, such as the Delicate Cleansing Fluid, which is ideal for very frequent washing due to the gentleness of the tomato.

3. Hot? No thanks!

It's summer and, of course, we all agree that we’ve already had enough of the heat. So why make the situation worse by drying your hair with a hairdryer?

Instead, leave it to dry on its own in the open air and it will thank you for this respite. At times when your hair is already being attacked by the summer heat, the hairdryer is certainly not its friend. Not only will this choice benefit your hair’s health, but you will also get the trendiest curl this summer. And if that's not enough, apply some Texturising Salt Spray while drying, for an authentic beach-casual style.

4. Stay hydrated...

The fight against dry hair starts with hydration of the whole body. If you don’t drink much and are dehydrated, you cannot expect your hair to stay soft and shiny. In fact, the sun and the high temperatures will tend to wear it out, and at times like this water is your best ally. Drink a lot, especially during the hottest hours, and even your hair will thank you.

5. ... just with water!

Of course, taking in plenty of fluids is fundamental, but when we recommend you drink a lot, alcohol doesn't count! As we all know, summer is a time for fun and we often let ourselves be tempted by that extra beer. But be careful, because alcohol is a serial killer for your hair: it weakens it and stimulates hair loss.