Living greener can certainly seem like hard work, but in reality it is entirely possible. Just a few small changes by all of us are enough to make the difference. Of course, changing your habits is never immediate, but with this brief guide, Bullfrog will make everything easier.

Recycle. When you finish your favourite Bullfrog product, don’t forget that the packaging can be recycled. Doing it correctly is very simple and it takes just a few small steps to be instantly greener. If in doubt, check the code on the label to find out what material the packaging is made from, so that you know where to dispose of it, and don’t forget to separate the caps and bottles if they are made of different materials. In the case of Agnostico, for example, you need to separate the pump
from the bottle and dispose of the first in the general waste and the second in the glass.

Reuse. One particular way to recycle is to reuse; this means giving new life to objects which can no longer be used for the purpose they were created for. In just a few seconds, for example, an empty Hair Wax pot can become the perfect container for screws and bolts to be kept in your garage.

Reduce consumption. We often do not have any perception of how much electricity we consume and, most importantly, what impact our consumption has on the environment. But reducing this is much easier than it seems. Quitting your electric razor can be a first step to saving energy but getting rid of your disposable razor will make an even more significant difference. It produces a
striking amount of waste, which can be reduced by twelve times simply by using a Safety Razor.